What is Sapphire Pegasus Business Aviation Awards?

The Sapphire Pegasus Awards are a unique series of International Business Aviation Awards, they are given for the outstanding performance by companies or individuals in the business aviation sector. The Finalists are nominated by companies, individuals or by themselves. The entries are selected and judged by an Advisory Board, which represents business aviation professionals from different sectors of the industry. The Sapphire Pegasus Awards are for outstanding performance of companies, teams and business individuals.

For what year are awards given?

The Sapphire Pegasus Awards are given for the previous year of the current year.

Who can nominate who?

The nomination procedure is completely open, anyone can nominate a company or individual they feel is worthy of nomination. Alternatively companies or individuals can make a self nomination.

How can I nominate?

There are two procedures for nomination. Either via online form filling in an application form and nomination letter or directly by email sending us all the information that is required for nomination.

How to vote?

Companies or individuals can vote:
1. online on our web during voting process or
2. via email to send us short email with all relevant details of nominee mentioning category to info@spbaa.com

How are nominees judged?

The judging process will be conducted in the following way – 40 % allocated by votes and 60% by the Advisory Board, so it is important that you vote as every vote will count.

Are my shared information safe?

All information will be treated in the strictest confidentiality and will only be circulated amongst the judges. Entries are judged on merit only, with no reference to external considerations.

Who is in the advisory board?

The Advisory Board is comprised of a team of business aviation experts from different parts of industry and will have the final word on the selection of companies or individuals for the Awards.

How can I become a partner?

The Sapphire Pegasus Awards offers the opportunity to support the great achievements of top performances in business aviation. It is also an excellent occasion to present your company, services and products to an extensive number of aviation professionals and business decision makers. For information about partnership contact us at info@spbaa.com or phone +421 911 656 999.

What is the difference between European and Caribbean Sapphire Pegasus Business Aviation Awards

The Sapphire Pegasus Awards are held twice a year for two different locations. The first one is European Awards for European countries. The second one is Caribbean for…

Can both ceremonies happen at the same time?

No. The whole process of nomination, voting and awarding is hold separately of each.